It stems from the constant pursuit of harmonious lines and is nourished by attention to the smallest details. Perfection is reflected in people’s gaze: when they admire me, but, above all, when they think about me.


Natural and parsimonious, it has energy and a silky, clear-cut flair. There are moments when a singular manifestation of beauty goes beyond every definition. It is instantly recognisable. That’s why I’m here, right now.

manu facto

In Ancient Rome, when the hands of an artisan left a distinctive mark, it was called Manu Facto. But when art engages with mass production, new stylistic features emerge.: everything really is done by hand, just as it is in a fashion atelier.


That for six centuries, and who knows how many millions of years before that, everyone has tried to offer humanity a definitive form, is an hypothesis. That I established a form for eternity in the two-wheeler world, a fraction of a second after my appearance, is a certainty.